As a single traveler to San Diego, you are probably looking for activities you can either meet people at or go it on your own. The friendliness of San Diego makes it easy to get to know new people, but it still offers plenty of solo attractions that won’t make you feel out of place.

When traveling alone, use this opportunity to get know yourself and develop an inner peace in your new surroundings. San Diego offers just the right experience to learn something new about yourself and get to know a new friend.

Be sure to be social and reach out to others you will meet. You never know if this could turn into a lifelong friend or something more serious. Get out there and do some of these 15 things to do in San Diego for singles.

  1. Surf At Windansea Beach

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    Only a short drive away, Windansea Beach is a great place to surf. This secluded beach is set along the cliffs of the coast and features white sand and blue waters with huge waves. If you’re not into surfing you can swim or ride your bike along the waterfront. There won’t be a lot of families here so you’ll have plenty of peace and quiet.
  2. Explore the USS Midway

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    You’ll notice this navy aircraft carrier as soon as you get into San Diego. It’s parked right in the bay and its massive size is hard to miss. Use your time as a single to spend as much time as you want on the Midway, exploring every nook and cranny. This is a definitely must do in San Diego.
  3. Read A Book In Balboa Park

    Source: Visit San Diego

    You’ll love this massive park the moment you get there. There’s plenty of gardens to find a cozy spot to sit and read a book. From the rose garden to the desert garden, you’ll have a spectacular view. This will provide some much needed quiet time.
  4. Try Some Beach Yoga

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    Increase your flexibility, balance and strengthen your core with some Beach Yoga on Coronado Beach. Held three days a week, the outdoor classes will help you get one with nature and help to relieve any stress you might have. Enjoy the weather while you stretch, plank and downward dog on the beach.
  5. Go Paddle Boarding In The Bay

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    If you’re looking for a serene sport that you can do in the water, try some paddle boarding. Equipment can be rented for a very reasonable rate in a few spots in San Diego. You will have access to the bay to paddle your way around the coast. Watch for sea lions and dolphins they’ll get close and will be a nice surprise while you’re on the water.
  6. Hop On A Trolley Tour Of Old Town

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    Soak in some of the history of San Diego in Old Town. As the birthplace of the city, this Latino community offers museums, shops, restaurants and historical landmarks for you to discover. Take the trolley tour of the area and you will get a lesson on the most interesting parts of the area. Hop on and off the trolley as you like and be sure to check out some of the merchant's’ wares.
  7. Go Whale Watching In The Ocean

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    This is an experience of a lifetime. Have your camera ready as you get to encounter the largest mammal known to man. On this whale watching expedition, you’ll go out to sea and get to see a whale cresting right before your very eyes. This amazing adventure is a must do in San Diego for anyone visiting.
  8. Take A Boat Cruise

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    Take some time to explore the bay and the surrounding coast on a leisurely boat cruise. There are plenty of opportunities to get some great photos and the tour guide will give you some good insight into the history and landmarks of the city. Plus, this is a good way to get out on the water and enjoy the San Diego sun.
  9. Take A Bike Tour Of Coronado Island

    Source: Goldstar

    Jump on a bike and tour the island of Coronado. This 10-mile ride will take you all through the island, past the Hotel del Coronado, and under the island’s bridge. You’ll enjoy some fresh air as you take in the sights and get some exercise to boot. Great to do anytime of the day.
  10. Jump Out Of A Plane

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    For the ultimate adventure in San Diego, sign up for a skydive with Skydive San Diego. You be whisked away in one of its planes, where you will jump solo or tandem. You’ll have the best views of the city imaginable and it is sure to get your juices running. Take advantage of this opportunity as a way to face your inner fears and be able to say you did it.
  11. Rent A Jet Ski To Cruise The Coast

    Source: San Diego Ski Rentals

    Fill your adrenaline rush with a jet ski rental in the bay. These high energy water machines will allow you to cruise the coast and fill your need for speed. Riding as a solo is perfectly acceptable and will allow you go as fast as you want. Rent for an hour or two. You will have so much fun you may do it again.
  12. Strap On Some Jet Packs

    Source: Toys for Big Boys

    Want to feel like you’re flying? Sign up for a flight on Jetpack America’s jet packs. Go as high as 40 ft. with these supercharged jetpacks that will whisk you in the air like you are flying. This is for the adventurous and is a good single person activity.
  13. See The Pandas At The San Diego Zoo

    Source: San Diego Zoo

    The San Diego zoo is one of the best zoos in the country and you shouldn’t miss the chance to go. This is a rare opportunity to see some pandas as well as some other types of animals that are not found at other zoos in the U.S. You’ll love the zoo setting with is green spaces and exhibits that seem to blend right into the background. Stroll through the park at your leisure, you’re in no hurry.
  14. Check Out Birch Aquarium

    Source: Hot Spot San Diego

    Located in La Jolla only 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, the Birch Aquarium offers a chance to see some unique underwater life. With an outdoor tide pool, you can get up close and personal with some of the ocean animals. There is a sea horse exhibit as well as a beautiful coral display that you can’t miss and several varieties of fish exhibits. You may meet someone looking at the great underwater wonders too.
  15. Make a Friend In The Japanese Friendship Garden

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    Nestled within Balboa Park is the Japanese Friendship Garden – a good spot to meet someone new. While you’re there, take a moment to center yourself at the Zen garden and watch the koi in the nearby pond. Check the garden’s event calendar before you go as you might get to learn the Japanese art of bonsai, sushi or calligraphy.

When traveling to San Diego as a single, there are plenty of chances to have some fun and meet new people. You will find the locals of San Diego are quite friendly and willing to help if you have questions. Engage with them during your stay and who knows you may have a friend for life. Don’t hesitate to visit San Diego on your own as there is plenty to do and see. You won’t regret a minute of your trip if you do.

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