Adventures of a French girl in London !

Its Saturday, 10th October, 2:00PM and I am at Waterloo station. I am about to meet the guy who will be my guide for an afternoon of bike riding and discovering!

A little bit stressed, I ask myself how it is possible and safe to ride in a such huge city as London, and on the wrong side of the road... (my French habit is to ride on the right!). But hungry to discover London, I pull myself together and relax to have some fun!

In front of the Walrus Hostel, I find Mick, the guide. A welcoming man with a great sense of style! Joined by a friend and three other nice girls from Liverpool, ready for London, we took our bicycles. The beginning of our fabulous experience!

Over 3.5 Hours, we rode through London, down hidden streets from one market to another one. The first stop we made was at a cool food market in the South of London, a perfect opportunity to try some food from all around the world! The girls tried scrummy brownies, and we sample a classic scotch egg. Tasty but a little bit dry for my palate ...
Lucky the next stop was a boutique Gin distillery... for tastings! (One must stay hydrated, of course!).

Our distillery host was an energic red-hair woman who explained to us everything about the marvels of gin. Ok I confess, I didn't comprehend everything because she was really enthusiastic and spoke quite fast (it is still my first week in United Kingdom!). But I’m sure she said a lot of interesting things, undoubtedly.

After this, we continued our tour in London, we discovered unmissable sights such as Tower Bridge, Westminster and Big Ben, London Eye, the Shard and Tate modern museum, and also some secret places and narrow streets ;)
After another market, we finally made a stop in a tunnel famous for its graffiti art. As we were feeling in a creative mood we attempted to try our hands at a bit of spray painting. In this colorful graffiti zone, it was fabulous to leave our mark on this gorgeous city before we finished the tour.

My advice.

To avoid getting cold in winter months (albeit a well-known fact that alcohol warms you up...)remember your gloves and scarf!

Most market stalls only accept cash. But, If you forget to take money with you, just ask your guide who will stop at an ATM. In fact, if you need anything at all, the guides are very happy to help!

Personal opinion.

This tour is the perfect way to see the cultural highlights of local London! If you want to avoid touristic buses but don’t want to walk all day long? The bike is the great solution!
To summarise, this bike tour will take you to alternative places of London, to discover London like a local.
The way it mixes history, culture, food and hand craft in the format of a bike tour is an interesting and original approach for a genuine discovery of London.

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