Walk in any direction in Paris and you are sure to find a quiet café, street, or courtyard for the perfect romantic moment. No wonder it’s considered the City of Love. While the list of romantic settings in Paris can be virtually endless, there are some experiences that stand above the rest.

Check out our list of the 20 most romantic spots in Paris, so you and your amour can get the most out of your trip!

  1. The Wall of "I Love You"

    Source: Amusing Planet

    Find love in every language at The Wall of Love, located in the Jehan Rictus Garden Square in Montmartre.
  2. Musée des Arts Forains

    Source: Arts Forains

    What’s more romantic than a sweet kiss on a vintage carousel? Musée des Arts Forains has fourteen vintage carousels on which you can have a timeless romantic moment.
  3. Duc des Lombards

    Source: Youtube

    Here you will find some of the best live jazz in the city, making it one of the ideal places to cozy up over a cocktail.
  4. The Eiffel Tower

    Source: Tus Puzzles

    The most iconic and cliché structure in Paris cannot be forgotten on this list of romantic locations. There is no comparing the breathtaking views and lights at the top.
  5. Marché Monge

    Source: French Market Maven

    In the mood to fix a romantic meal? Peruse the Marché Monge food market to gather ingredients in an idyllic setting in the 5th arrondissement.
  6. Le Grand Rex

    Source: Paris Info

    You don’t need to understand the beautiful language of French to enjoy a romantic film in the historic Le Grand Rex Theatre.
  7. Jardin du Luxembourg

    Source: Thing Link

    Perfect lawns, marble statues, and a flower garden that can make anyone fall in love. Spend the whole afternoon in this 17th-century botanical gardens.
  8. River Seine Cruise

    Source: Travel Vivi

    Enjoy a drink and a romantic dinner while you float down the Seine and discover totally unique sights of Paris.
  9. Plaza Athénée

    Source: 10 Best

    Carrie Bradshaw found her happy ending in the Plaza Athénée, so it's time to find yours as well. This grand hotel is the perfect way to end every night in the city of love.
  10. Le Foodist

    Source: Parisianist

    Unleash your inner Julia Child while learning how to make the perfect soufflé with your better half. After all, food is the way to anyone's heart.
  11. Café de la Paix

    Source: SLB Events

    There are plenty of romantic cafés in Paris, but Café de La Paix might just be the most romantic. Enjoy long conversations and people watching while you munch of little delights.
  12. Le Clos Montmartre

    Source: Wikimedia

    You can’t take a trip to Paris without enjoying some incredible French wines. Clos Montmartre is Paris’ secret vineyard and the perfect location for wine tasting and canoodling.
  13. Rue des Barres

    Source: Flickr

    Picturesque streets, timbered houses, and a secret garden of beautiful flowers make this quiet section of Paris worth the visit for any loving couple.
  14. Moonshiner

    Source: Cool Cities

    Enjoy a 1920’s speakeasy feel at Paris’ classic underground bar. The place looks like an average pizza place on the outside, but locals know it’s a well-hidden bar.
  15. Place du Tertre

    Source: Gobyseeing

    Located in the 18th arrondissement, Place du Tertre is the quintessential artsy paradise. The busy square is the perfect place to have your couple’s portrait painted.
  16. Aubade

    Source: Lingerie Review

    Founded in 1875, this French lingerie shop wrote the book on the art of seduction. Pop in for a quick shopping trip to make your own special moments.
  17. Square du Vert-Galant

    Source: Paris and Beyond

    If you are simply looking for a quiet stroll through the park with your partner, Square du Vet-Galant is the perfect location.
  18. Spa Le Bristol

    Source: Le Bristol Paris

    Looking to partner elegance and relaxation? Spa Le Bristol is a spa fit for royalty that’s perfect for couple’s massages.
  19. Tour d’Argent

    Source: Slate

    This historic restaurant was founded in 1582 and holds beautiful views of Paris. Trust us when we say, order the duck.
  20. The Temple of Love

    Source: The Garden Visitor

    The name says it all! If you take a trip to Versailles, be sure to stop by this stunning setting to sneak in a kiss or two.

In this renowned city of love, it's no doubt that any traveler will find innumerable ways to share tenderness and appreciation with their partner. Don't forget, a trip to Paris is incomplete without declaring, "Je t'aime!"