If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco, you should also add the spots where you’ll be snapping pictures for social media to your bucket list. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you will find multiple camera-ready locations that will inspire a countless stream of posts. After all, if you don’t Instagram it, did it really happen?

Ahead, the top 25 most Instagram-worthy locations throughout the Golden City, that even the locals can’t resist:

  1. Haight-Ashbury
    Source: Fun Cheap SF

    In a neighboorhood full of history and culture, Haight-Ashbury is a mecca for San Francisco fashion and hip scenes. Full of boutiques and easy bites (Escape from New York has amazing pizza), you'll experience a lot of San Francisco just on this street.
  2. Cupid's Span
    Source: Jasmine Lee Photography

    This massive outdoor sculpture rests along the Embarcadero. It was designed by married artists - it can't get more romantic than that. Plenty of couples have taken engagement photos here!
  3. Lombard Street
    Source: Kevin and Amanda

    If you don't get car sick, you can drive down this windy street. If you don't like curvy rides, stand at the bottom of Lombard Street and you'll get some awesome photos of this popular tourist destination.
  4. Coit Tower
    Source: Photo Everywhere

    This tower rests in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of this city, and it was erected in 1933. It's free to get inside this monument, but if you want to take the elevator to the top for scenic views of San Francisco, it'll cost you.
  5. Battery Spencer
    Source: Jonathan Grado

    Get a iconic history lesson when you visit Battery Spencer, what used to be a concrete gun battery. From this location, you'll get breathtaking panoramic views of the city.
  6. Cable Cars at Hyde Street
    Source: Fun Cheap SF

    Cable cars are probably one of the city's most historic tokens. You can board one of these and travel throughout the city, but beware! Lines can get long as this is a popular treat.
  7. Castro Crosswalks
    Source: SFHog

    The rainbow crosswalks are a defining aspect of the funk and spirit we all love about the Castro. Residents of this neighborhood voted for this design specifically. You can find them at 18th and Castro.
  8. Dolores Park
    Source: NY Times

    It isn't a trip to San Francisco if you don't visit Dolores Park. It's a massive patch of grass that allows people from all over to relax and soak in the weather - when the air is warm enough. Even better, the famous Bi-Rite Creamery is just across the street.
  9. Chinatown
    Source: Travel Monkey

    Chinatown in San Francisco is a famous neighborhood for all its amazing scents, sights, and cultural experiences. Get a fresh egg tart from Golden Gate Bakery, enjoy dim sum from an abundance of restaurants, and see everything this iconic neighborhood has to offer.
  10. Tiled Steps Project
    Source: Bored Panda

    When you reach Moraga Street between 15th and 16th Aves, you'll find a beautiful treat: the Tiled Steps. It's a long stairway of intricate detail and magnificent colors. Reach the top, cross the street, and you can make your way up to Turtle Hill as an extra treat.
  11. Alamo Square
    Source: Detour

    Have you ever heard of the famous Painted Ladies? It's the row of Victorian homes that have been featured in a number of movies and television shows. You can also get a great view of the city's skyline from this location.
  12. Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building
    Source: Gal Meets Glam

    No matter what you're looking for, this farmers' market probably has it. You're right by the ocean so take in the fresh air as you shop. This market is renowned for its quality of fresh and diverse products.
  13. AT&T Park
    Source: Diary Growing Boy

    Even if you're not a Giants' fan, AT&T Park is still a great stadium to visit. You'll find it at the opposite end of the Embarcadero, and there's a lot of talk about the stadium having some of the best garlic fries around.
  14. Mission District
    Source: Travel Mindset

    Surround yourself with beautiful, hand-painted murals in the Mission District. It is home to the city's hipster crowd, but it spans back as San Francisco's oldest standing building, too.
  15. Ghirardelii Square
    Source: Hand Luggage Only

    Chocolate and sugar lovers unite at Ghirardelli Square. It isn't just sweets though - this is a public area with shops and restaurants in the Fisherman's Wharf area. You'll never go hungry here, but you might eat too much!
  16. Japanese Tea Gardens
    Source: Places 2 Explore

    This popular feature of Golden Gate Park features an abundance of plants and historical structures. It gives tourists and locals the chance to experience the tranquility and harmony of a Japanese-style garden.
  17. Hearts in San Francisco
    Source: Flickr

    If you're visiting San Francisco, you're likely to encounter one of these hearts. This project debuted in 2004, and there are a total of 131 beautifully decorated heart sculptures sprinkled throughout city.
  18. Twin Peaks
    Source: San Francisco Chronicle

    If you're into scenic views, visit Twin Peaks. They're two major hills in San Francisco, and even better, they're located near the center of the city. You won't regret the trek up there.
  19. Language of the Birds
    Source: Flickr

    Make your way over to Columbus Ave. and Broadway to peek at this work of art. It's small, but even if you're not a bibliophile, you'll appreciate this piece. They're supposed to appear as birds to a quick eye, but a closer look reveals that these "birds" are actually 23 illuminated white books, mid-flight.
  20. Lands End
    Source: Ron Henggeler

    This is a beautiful, rocky park resting in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. You'll get the opporutnity to hike, visit the Sutro Baths, see Mile Rock Beach, and more.
  21. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
    Source: Wikimedia

    If you're a foodie, you probably have already heard about Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. You'll find an assortment delectable, mouthwatering pastries, but they're most known for their amazing cruffins (croissant and muffin hybrid).
  22. Palace of Fine Arts
    Source: Wikimedia

    The Palace of Fine Arts is a popular destination for photography sessions and even weddings, but you really don't need a reason to visit this destination. The structures are grand and majestic, and you'll remember how small you really are among them.
  23. Baker Beach
    Source: Silverton Casino

    Just a mile below the Presidio's shoreline and to the left of the Golden Gate Bridge, it's a prime location to relax and still be surrounded by beauty. It's hard to get a better view than this.
  24. Alcatraz
    Source: UNLV

    Alcatraz Island is located a little over a mile offshore in the San Francisco Bay. It's home to the first lighthouse on the West Coast, and it is most known for being the infamous federal penitentiary.
  25. Japantown
    Source: SF Citizen

    If you're looking for delicious food, history, and scenery, look no further than San Francisco's Japantown. Dive deep into this beautiful neighborhood to discover a beautiful culture.

San Francisco is a culturally diverse city with spectacular and photogenic sights in every corner.